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Privacy Policy


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Gebesa Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is part of the use of the website www.gebesa.com


In Manufacturas Post Form S.A. de C.V. we collect information from many areas of our Website. For each one of these sites, the information that we collect from you is different and we save it in separate data bases.

The personal data you provide to us will be used for marketing, advertising, propaganda and promotional purposes, and to let you know our latest advertising campaigns, as well as our sales services of the products you have bought in the past.

Likewise, if you have shopped in one of our stores and the product must be delivered to your address; the personal data you have provide to us will be used to keep contact with you in the process of the delivery and for any other aspect related with the purchase.

Also, the personal data you provide can be used to improve the quality of the services and products we offer, so it is probable that the responsible party keeps in contact with you to make some questions about it, and also to generate a user and a password for you so you can access the wish list which you will be able to manage.

In case that the responsible party wishes to use the information that you provided for non-specified purposes, he will give to you another Privacy Policy in which he will declare the new purposes of the information.

The personal data that the responsible party collects is: name, company, address, city, state, phone numbers and e-mail. This information is requested at the time that you register as user in our Website or when you request information and prices.

The responsible party does not  collect any kind of personal data that may affect your privacy, or whose misuse may give rise to discrimination or anything that represents a danger for you, neither those that could reveal any ethnical and racial aspects, current or prospective health condition, genetic information, religious, philosophical, and moral beliefs, political opinion or sexual preferences.

Anyone of Manufacturas Post Form S.A. de C.V. personnel who might have access to your personal data, will respect and look after the confidentiality of your information.


The Cookies are little pieces of information that are send by the website to your browser and they storage in your computer’s hard drive; they are used to define your preferences when you connect through the services in our website, and also to track certain behaviors or activities made by you in the website.

In some sections of our website we require that you have the cookies enabled since some functions need the cookies in order to work well.

It is not the purpose of the cookies to identify the user, except in the cases that possible fraudulent activities are being investigated.

The installation, permanence and existence of the cookies in the user's computer system depends on the willingness of the user and can be deleted from his computer or electronic device whenever he wishes.


In case that you wish to limit the use of your personal data, you must go to the responsible's party address during weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and bring a writing where you point out how you wish to limit the use of your data.

The responsible party will have a 20 day deadline to answer to your request. In case that the responsible accepts to limit the use of your data, he will start a process in order for your request to be fulfilled in a time no longer than fifteen days after you receive an answer to your request.

The process and request will have no cost for the user.


The responsible party will make an effort to protect all personal data you provide to us, and to guarantee that the present Privacy Policy is being respected at any moment.

The responsible party will take the necessary administrative, technical, and physical security actions to protect the personal data from damages, lost, changes, rape or non-authorized use and access.

The responsible party does not guarantee the security of the shared personal data, lost, changed, destroyed or misused by any third parties foreign to the company, neither in case of disability or death.


We keep the right to make any changes or updates to this privacy policy at any moment and without notice for legislative, jurisprudential, internal regulations, new requirements for the provision and offering of our services and products, and marketing practices.

This updates will be available to the public through the following options: (i) in our webpage https://www.gebesa.com/en-us/privacy-policy (ii) or we can send them to you, to the latest registered e-mail we have from you.

This Privacy policy has been modified on February 21, 2023.