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Panel Systems

Elite Panel System

Created engineering and technology principles, Elite has a full voice, data, and power conductivity capacity. It allows you to design workspaces with style thanks to total flexibility in finishes and materials. Its design adapts to each space and can be replicated in all directions.

Adapt each segment and create dividing combinations with single, double, triple, or quadruple panels and the same or different finishes every 10”. Project the entire personality of your organization. At the same time, it adapts to your work team and uses other devices with its power capabilities. It gives each station privacy and saves linear space.

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Width: From 18" to 60"
Height: From 35" to 85"


Magnetic metal tiles: GEL03
Fabric over metal tiles: GEL03
Tackable fabric tiles: GEL04
Acrylic tiles: GEL05
LPL tiles: GEL06
HPL tiles: GEL071
Veneer tiles: GEL09
Gallery Panels "L": GEL060
Gallery Panels "T": GEL070
Gallery Panels "Y": GEL090


10 years (5 years for mechanical and electrical parts)

Compatible with

Files, whiteboards, and more


Lower duct with a nominal height 15mm. Harness holder in 14 gauge sheet.


You dream it, we'll make it!

The structure of the Elite panel has a tile system on both sides. Its total thickness is 3”. Choose the height that best suits your needs, available from 35” to 85” (increasing in ranges of 10”).

It has a frame in steel sheet, with posts that allow the union between panels to mount your modular system. Its inner part has a metal duct with a lid, which helps electrification. Bring to reality the office design you dreamed of!


Conduction far and wide

Created under engineering and technology principles, ELITE has full voice and data driving capacity, as well as electrification through harnesses, passing along the lower metal duct.


Create without limits

With square or triangular entrance, it perfectly adapts the metal poles, ensures in a simple way and guarantees the stability that your modular system needs.


Perfect assembly

With the Bolt assembly, the Elite fixing points allows you to put each panel together providing a high firmness value, so you can perform your tasks without worries.


Gallery panels: a new level of personalization of spaces!

Gallery panels are an affordable, elegant and practical way to incorporate separation and privacy into your panel system configuration. Customize your environment with a wide variety of low-pressure finishes. Our Gallery Panels can be attached to create divisions, through junctions with the panels, or at the end of a configuration­ - redefines the boundaries of what a workspace can be.