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Desk with Laminate Casing


Ascend Desk with Laminate Casing

Welcome to innovation in workspace design: Discover our height-adjustable desk, a perfect solution that combines functionality, privacy, and style. Designed with modern needs in mind, it not only allows you to adjust its height for optimal ergonomics but also includes a full-length modesty panel and another on the desk surface, as well as laminate casing to hide the desk legs, ensuring a robust and clean look. Ideal for those seeking a refined aesthetic without sacrificing comfort and efficiency.

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Work Surface Widths

48", 60", 65" and 72"

Max Lifting Capacity

2 stages: 220 lbs
3 stages: 250 lbs


30 mm/s

Gebesa App

Bluetooth Control (Dongle sold separately)

Decibel rating

50 db ≤


Push button with 4 programmable settings or Paddle Handset


Anti-collission system.

Work surface depths

24" and 30"

Standby consumption

.2 W

Active consumption

200/360 W

Height Range

(excluding top)
2 stages: 30"- 49.3"
3 stages: 25"- 51.1"

Total Stroke

2 stages: 487 mm
3 stages: 652 mm


Safety comes first.

Accidents happen in a blink of an eye.
Ascend integrates an anti-collision sensor designed specifically to avoid them!
Ascend detects any resistance while traveling up or down and automatically stops its movement.


Control at your fingerprints!

Control your Ascend station and let movement reminders from the Gebesa Smart Office App, available at Google Play Store and Apple App Store


More privacy, greater sturdiness with an unbeatable offer.

Our Ascend with laminate casing is the perfect choice for private offices, offering a more robust aesthetic compared to our freestanding version, with a more affordable investment than our Ascend-Bento version.