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    At Gebesa we believe every project is unique. With innovative and functional design, flexible manufacturing, and effective supply chain management; our products and services offer a complete solution to every customer regardless of their specific needs.

    Gebesa’s extensive product lines enable people and their organizations to express themselves with a visible statement about their culture, ideas and brands. Through innovative and functional design, we make high-quality, great-looking furniture—creating work environments that help unleash the potential for creativity and success in everyone, at every level.

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    HISTORY 1973

    Gebesa was founded in Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico – Home Furnishings.

    HISTORY 1982

    Establishes vertical manufacturing process to lay up laminate and wood veneer products.

    HISTORY 1986

    Adds wood manufacturing capabilities to produce office furniture.

    HISTORY 1988

    Establishes trucking company and network of dealers; distribution reaches 75% of Mexico.

    HISTORY 1995

    Exports lockers, filing and storage products to major retailers in Panama, Chile and the U.S.

    HISTORY 2011

    Today, Gebesa is a leading producer in Mexico of solutions for workspaces through a complete line of products, a strong distribution, excellent design and quality, value-added services and the ability to customize its products, to achieve its main objective: "Total customer satisfaction".




    We create functional workspaces that promote goal achievement and strengthen organizational culture, giving end-users an exceptional experience and enhancing their well-being.



    To be the world´s most admired Mexican brand of commercial furniture and equipment.


    • Integrity
    • Commitment
    • Passion
    • Empathy


    • Design
    • Innovation
    • Flexibility
    • Productivity
    • Performance