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Creating amazing spaces

The transformation of the workplace. In the search for schemes that increase productivity, collaborative workspaces have taken center stage in recent years. Bringing together more employees under the same environment, saving space and enhancing interaction and knowledge exchange are all part of this philosophy. They encourage cooperation and offer a more human - friendly environment. Leave behind traditional and hierarchical workspaces and learn about all the options for furniture con figuration and accessories

Equally support individual and team work

More enclosed "me" and more open "we" spaces

Design for greater flexibility and mobility

Enhance the human experience through

Design principles

  • Social interaction
  • Co - creation: Working collaboratively with other people and departments gives rise to sharing knowledge and obtaining better results.
  • Speed in business.
  • Adaptation of technologies. Through open space configurations, technology is easier to be included in every workstation, outlets, cable passes, data, electrification and more.
  • Furniture with opportunities for interconnection. Allows staff to establish contact, motivating the flow of creativity
  • Stronger links between employees and the company: Improves the perception of employees towards the organization.
  • BK2OOBJu
    BK2OOBJu Collaboration space
    BK2OOBJu Collaboration space

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