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Social Spaces

Creating amazing spaces

The collectivity and moments of socialization make the innovation and improvement of processes in a work environment possible. They function as a counterpart to established areas of work. The most effective way to increase productivity is to improve the work environment by integrating space where you can get away from work and relax. It encourages the flow of ideas and inspiration, leads to overall staff motivation by recognizing your organization as more than just a set of workstations. The question is not whether work schemes need to change. The question is: How? Get to know all the solutions we have to create a healthy, functional and aesthetic social or rest space.

Equally support individual and team work

More enclosed "me" and more open "we" spaces

Design for greater flexibility and mobility

Enhance the human experience through


  • Movement
  • Communication
  • Rest
  • Decreased stress
  • BK2OOBJu
    BK2OOBJu Collaboration space
    BK2OOBJu Collaboration space

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